Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness?

Over half of what affects your health is your choice of lifestyle. The way you live your life largely determines the level of health you get to experience throughout your lifetime. Perhaps this awareness comes slowly, over years of self-discovery and learning about health and wellness. Or perhaps it comes quickly, in that teachable moment when you receive a medical diagnosis or you are encountered with a health challenge.

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The cornerstone of wellness is its multi-dimensional and holistic nature, recognizing and addressing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. It is not achieved as a one-off, isolated achievement, but an experience of life with self-awareness, conscious choice, self-acceptance, meaning and purpose. In other words, it is living your life consciously in way that improve your health and wellbeing.


To be well is to realize that you do have a choice, stopping for a moment and making the healthier decision as we approach the stairs or hold a restaurant menu. It’s remembering that we want to prioritize spending time with loved ones instead of incessant busyness. It could even be working with a wellness coach to consciously co-create a wellness plan to live by!

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness is everything about living well, so it stands to reason that wellness coaching is about helping people to improve their lifestyle behavior so that they can indeed live our lives well!


Research reveals extensive evidence that our lifestyle choices very often have a profound affect on the course of an illness. Most clients who seek wellness coaching have either a chronic lifestyle-related illness, or at least are showing warning signs and symptoms. Life improvement is vital to all and this is where wellness coaching comes in.


The most common misconception is that wellness coaching is all about physical fitness and some degree of nutritional awareness. Indeed, many wellness program brochures feature pictures of healthy food or people in gyms. 

Yet, wellness coaching is about much more than that! While physical fitness and nutrition are very important, they are only two aspects of what it means to be live well. Wellness coaching takes an holistic approach, which means that every aspect of our lives affects every other part. Wellness coaching addresses these life domains, including responsibility, environment, relationships, feeling, thinking and purpose, as well as eating and exercise.


Wellness coaching bridges the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do. Combining coaching psychology, behavior modification and positive psychology, clients are helped overcome resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach. Wellness coaching supports clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them, and only then create a plan for action.  Through this supportive relationship, wellness coaching empowers clients by focusing on facilitation rather than prescription. The client then takes responsibility, feels more confident as they experience small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change then they would on their own.

What can I expect from my coach?

  • Inspire you to flourish and really shine in your endeavors to achieve greater health and wellbeing

  • Support your vision and goals and to provide structure that helps you in making conscious choices that move you forward

  • Challenge you to step beyond your present limitations

  • Be non-judgmental and an objective, active listener

  • Give you honest feedback

  • Invite you to look at your health, your choices, your environment, etc. through a new lens


What is expected from me?

  • Be vulnerable and honest with yourself, even when it’s uncomfortable

  • Be committed to the coaching process and take action

  • Be held as whole, resourceful, creative and accountable

  • Be committed to living your best life!

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