Stop Letting Life Weigh You Down!

Humans have a knack for maintaining the same old patterns that weigh us down and prevent us from really experiencing authentic happiness and contentment in life. Yet, if you really want to move forward and really thrive, it is likely that you have to give up your old ways, and try on something new. Lasting change isn’t always obvious or easy, but there is no better day than today to make a start!

“Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown

out your inner voice.” ~ Steve Jobs

Let’s face it. People have opinions about everything these days! Social media is awash with people weighing in on topics they don’t really know anything about. People also hold opinions about you, about who you are and how you should live, but they don’t really know what you’ve been through and why you’ve made the choices you’ve made in life. Take what they say with a pinch of salt. Life isn’t about what they think and their expectations are most likely not be right for you. It’s what you think that matters most. Do what is best for your and not what is best for others.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without

loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill

Everyone fails at something at some point in their life, and that’s perfectly fine! The sooner you accept this truth, the sooner you can get on with being successful. What has happened in your past does not spell out your future. You are not doomed to fail for the rest of your life. Pick yourself up and try again. What matters most is what you are doing right now.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny

is shaped.” ~ Anthony Robbins

You will never move forward from where you are if you don’t make up your mind as to what you really want in life. You need to decide on where you’d rather be and go for it! It’s all about finding and pursuing your passion. And when you are passionate about something, you feel energized. And when you feel energized, you move forward towards what really gives you joy. Start today to figure out what you really want, and then pursue it with all your heart!

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on

of an uncompleted task.” ~ William James

We all have goals and dreams that we carry around in our hearts yet they remain unrealized. Indeed, it is amazing how creative we can be when it comes to thinking up excuses for why we keep putting off our goals! The real reason why we procrastinate is really quite simple: We mistakenly fear that taking action will cause us a certain amount of discomfort. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, break your goals down into smaller, more manageable bites, and set out to tackle them one at a time starting now. In a year’s time, you’ll be thankful you started today!

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high

intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance,

determines your destiny.” ~ Aristotle

You can’t change the past, and you can’t determine the future. The only thing you have control over is to decide how you are going to live, right now. Every day is an opportunity to to make choices that can impact they way you experience life in a really big way. Today, you can choose to stop worrying about everything, or choose to not be so negative. You can choose to see the good other people, and you can choose to see the good in yourself. Happiness, too, is a choice!

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not

fearing to be wrong.” ~ Peter T. McIntyre

Insisting that you’re right doesn’t necessary mean you are right all the time. Even if you are right at this time, you’ll bound to get things wrong somewhere along the line. When you hold on to being right, you lose your ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Be gracious when you are wrong and keep an open mind to perspectives that are new or different.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can

be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin

We make life harder than it has to be when we run away from our problems. Ignoring them never makes them better. We avoid people or situations that trigger bad memories or unpleasant emotions. Think about a some of things you’re afraid to bring up, or some challenges, difficulties, or problems in your life. Pick one and start taking action towards facing the issue and overcoming it. It starts with a decision. Make it, and you’re half way there!

“There is no greater symphony of self-destruction than the beautiful poisonous melody found in our excuses.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Life is one continuous endeavor in creative problem solving. Sounds daunting, but it’s really a matter of perspective. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t become a failure until you define it as such. A lack of success is frequently the outcome of making excuses when things don’t go as planned. However, by reframing mistakes as a learning tool helps you to sustain the momentum required for success and satisfaction.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we

have into enough.” ~ Melody Beattie

What you get in life often depends entirely on what you’re looking for. When you stay stuck in regret of the life you have and dwell on all the things you should have had, you miss out on the beauty of all the things you have already. Always feeling like you’re owed something only makes it harder ever being happy in life. Be thankful for the good things in your life right now!

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