The Benefits of Optimism

“We can complain that rose bushes have

thorns, or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic person and believe it is a key to my general sense of happiness and contentment. My personal optimism has helped me through some hard times, affording me the ability to extrapolate meaning out of the struggle and sustain hope for a brighter future.

Optimists individuals are those who have a tendency to maintain a mental attitude of expecting the best out of any given situation. In other words, they’re the people who make lemonade out of lemons, and then see the glass as half full rather than half empty! What’s more, the benefits of optimism are many! In general, optimists are higher achievers and have better overall health. Yet, on the other hand, pessimists are more likely to give up in the face of adversity or to suffer from depression.

Here’s what Psychology Today has to say:

“Optimists seem to be sprinkled with fairy dust. They suffer less and recover quicker. They’re healthier and better-liked and have stronger marriages and more fun. It’s enough to make the rest of us gloomy—except that psychologists believe that a lot of these qualities stem from cognitive habits that can be learned. More than any other major personality trait, optimism is a matter of practice.”

With this in mind, cultivating an optimistic attitude is possible and something that any one of us can learn and turn into a daily practice. Here are some tips for cultivating a habit of optimism:

  • Become aware of your self-talk

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

  • Be thankful for your life, your health, your talents, and for the people in your life

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Avoid negative people

  • Seek out and surround yourself with positive people

  • Be grateful for what you have right now

  • Accept criticism with grace

  • Look for possibilities, instead of telling yourself you can’t

  • Focus on what you have, not on what you haven’t

  • See bad things or events as a blessing in disguise

  • Interpret failure as a stepping stone to success

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Imagine that you are already positive

  • Always look for the good

  • Complain less, smile more!

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