Slowing Things Down With a Nice Cup of Tea

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea." ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

For many centuries, people from all cultures drink tea, but no one appreciates a good cup of tea more than the British. Indeed, in times of strife, the British have always relied on a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Everything stops for tea… even cricket, the only sport in the world that makes time for a tea break!

Having spent numerous years living in the United Kingdom, I am especially fond of a lovely cup of hot tea, and cherish the ritual of putting the kettle on and brewing myself a pot of tea. As I leisurely sip my tea, I tend to grasp the cup with both hands, prompting a friend to remark on how I always cling onto my cup of tea as if my life depends on it!

Despite being a tea lover, I am not a tea expert; and this is not a guide to selecting the best teas to drink, or instructions for brewing the perfect cup of tea. My purpose is to share how the rituals of brewing and drinking tea can help you slow things down, give you a moment to pause, take a breath, and be present.

“A cup of tea makes everything better”

In the frenetic over-scheduled busyness of modern life, we have a tendency to become increasingly hurried as we move from one thing to the next, from meeting to meeting, email to email, or tweet to tweet. Nevertheless, the ritual of brewing and drinking a cup of tea is a great way for slowing things down.

When you are feeling stressed and irritable, the remedy is to sit down and take care of yourself the proper way. Perhaps you could even put your feet up for a moment as you sip at a slow cup of tea. You will return to your duties feeling refreshed by the short pause, having halted the constant cycle of worry and other unpleasant emotions.

If you find yourself having trouble concentrating on one task, pausing to drink some tea can help you to regain the focus you desire. When you have important work to do, take a few minutes to brew a pot of tea, giving yourself a sign that it’s time to stop with the myriad of distractions, put down the smart phone, and to give your full attention to your work.

"Tea is always a good idea"

Mid-morning, or mid afternoon, pause to have tea. As you sip at a calming cup of tea, the hectic hustle-bustle of the world melts away. A tea break is a signal for slowness and can satisfy you when you start to notice little pangs of hunger that can trigger unhealthy snacking. Tea soothes these cravings away so you don't go in search for a sugary quick fix.

In the workplace, the ritual of the much coveted tea break has been shown to effectively boost the mood of employees, which in turn can leads to other benefits such as improved problem solving and enhances productivity.

"Where there is tea, there's hope"

Slowing things down by pausing with a nice cup of tea has a much broader influence just benefits in the workplace. A slower pace creates a richness in our personal relationships and enlivens our joy for living. It adds depth and meaning to every aspect of life.

So go on and put the kettle on. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down and bask in the quiet and stillness. It’ll make a difference, you’ll see!

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